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Sunrise in Spain

When did you last see a sunrise in reality? I witnessed a new dawn on Montserrat mountain in Spain. It was a stunning sight and left me with an incredible feeling. At that moment, I felt like a new life began. In that moment I put lots of unhappy experiences, negative emotions, and momments uncertainty behind me. This feeling will live within my soul.

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Now I have new name for my action and speech. According one of my students, she calls my action and speech a SHIFUISM. Common phases my students hear are as follows : What can you do? All you can do is eat!  Also your training is no way nearer enough. Your movement is like…. Meatball, noodle, plain rice no taste, pumpkin, absolutely ridiculous, I not


100 daily sit-ups challenge 2016

This sponsored activity is a fundraising initiative for our Temple (UK Shaolin Temple). Everyday this November 2016, I will do 100 sit ups per day. I am doing this to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of our well being. The proceeds of this initiative will make up a dedicated fund that will be awarded to people from low income backgrounds. This ‘Access

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Autumn 2016

​The Summer is gone,  the Autumn has arrived.  The golden colour brings golden time and luck to you all,  enjoy the golden Autumn 2016. Before it is lost forever.

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Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan

Today, I tried practicing Shaolin Xiao Hong Quan with metal chains on my wrist. The chains were about 10kg each. It was great training. I needed to combine my internal and external energy when training this form. This is because the chains are a little bit heavy when training in this form. Although it was hard I really enjoyed it. View my video below. Enjoy!

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